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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) Shadow Warriors Oroku Saki vs Hamato Yoshi 7" Figures

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Long before becoming the proud patriarch of his own mutant ninja family, Splinter was once the devoted pet of Japan's finest Shadow Warrior, Hamato Yoshi. Mimicking Yoshi's movements from his cage, Splinter learned the mysterious art of ninjutsu. Yoshi's fiercest and most dangerous rival was Oroku Saki, whom became obsessed with winning the affection of Yoshi's beloved Tang Shen. Fearing Saki's vengeful jealously, Shen, Yoshi and Splinter sought refuge in America. But soon the sadistic Saki viciously struck down the star-crossed lovers, orphaning the wounded Splinter. Saki then vanished, his face scarred by Splinter's desperate defensive counterattack.