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Tamashii Nations

Gundam Robot Spirits MS-18E Kampfer (ver. A.N.I.M.E.)

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From Tamashii Nations. From the classic OVA Mobile Suit Gundam: War in the Pocket 0080 comes the iconic Kampfer, joining the A.N.I.M.E. series for the first time. A huge amount of optional parts let you re-create classic scenes, from twin bazookas and shotguns to the chain mine whip used at the climax of the series. Thruster effects, an explosion effect, a muzzle blast effect, and a bazooka launch effect are included as well. The set includes a shotgun, shotgun with stock, giant bazooka×2, Sturm Faust×2, chain mine, beam sable grip×2, sable knife, shotgun mount joint×2, giant bazooka mount joint×2, Sturm Faust mount joint×2, shotgun effect, explosion effect. Bazooka effect, Vernier effect (straight)×4, Vernier effect(curved)×2, exchangeable hand parts (4 each), and a hand storage deck.